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ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems (TMIS) 
Editor-in-Chief: Hsinchun Chen, University of Arizona
February 2012

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ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems (TMIS) is a new ACM journal. It aims to serve the community of MIS scholars and publishes high-quality papers about the design, development, assessment and management of information technology and systems within organizations, businesses, and societies.


This journal is an official publication of the ACM (formerly Association for Computing Machinery), the oldest and most prestigious society for computing and related information systems practitioners and scholars with a membership of approximately 90,000.

Advisory and Editorial Boards 1

The advisory board consists of five storied MIS researchers, John King, former editor in chief of ISR (h-index 24), Stuart Madnick (h-index 29), Steven Miller, Jay Nunamaker (h-index 51), and  Andrew Whinston (h-index 56).

The editorial board consists of 24 MIS scholars, for example: Alan Dennis (h-index 43); Matthias Jarke (h-index 43), Joe Valacich (h-index 37); Doug Vogel (h-index 35), Michael Shaw (h-index 35); Bernard Tan (h-index 24) and Helmut Krcmar (h-index 23).  Many other board members are senior scholars in various topics of interest to TMIS readers.

Submissions and Acceptance Rate

TMIS has successfully attracted a steadily increasing stream of high-quality submissions over the past 2.5 years. Eleven papers were submitted in 2009, 29 papers in 2010, and 55 papers in 2011. The inaugural issue was successfully published in December 2010 (with 135 printed pages). In 2011, four issues were published with a total printed page count of 504.

The overall acceptance rate for all papers so far is 33%, with the most recent 2011 acceptance percentage at 22%.

Additional Accomplishments

TMIS submission was selected Inclusion as one of five "best papers in IS" by AIS senior scholars for the IS discipline for 2011. The paper, "Why Give Away Something for Nothing? Investigating Virtual Goods Pricing and Permission Strategies," was authored by Ba, Ke, Stallaert, Zhang.2

Conference Best Papers

In our first two years of operation, several among the best papers from ICIS and WITS, two of the largest and most visible MIS conferences, have been published. All conference papers are required to have 50% additional new content and go through another round of rigorous (but fast-track) review.

Obtaining SCI Impact Factors

Being a new journal, TMIS is not yet included in the SCI impact factor ratings. However, we are currently in the process of obtaining such inclusion at the first possible opportunity. The Impact Factors will help authors justify their P&T cases and help attract a steady stream of willing and enthusiastic authors and submissions for TMIS.

1"The h-index is an index that attempts to measure both the productivity and impact of the published work of a scientist or scholar. The index is based on the set of the scientist's most cited papers and the number of citations that they have received in other publications. The index can also be applied to the productivity and impact of a group of scientists, such as a department or university or country. The index was suggested by Jorge E. Hirsch, a physicist at UCSD, as a tool for determining theoretical physicists' relative quality[1] and is sometimes called the Hirsch index or Hirsch number." Wikipedia, accessed February 28, 2012 --

2"Risk hedging in storage grid markets: Do options add value to forwards?" Anna Ye Du, Sanjukta Das, Ram D. Gopal, R. Ramesh, Transactions on Management Information Systems (TMIS), Volume 2 Issue 2, June 2011.
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