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Information Systems for a Smart Electricity Grid: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities

The drive for sustainability as evidenced by the Paris Accords is forcing a radical re-examination of the way electricity is produced, managed, and consumed. Research on sustainable smart electricity markets is facilitating the emergence of sustainable energy systems and a revolution in the efficiency and reliability of electricity consumption,... (more)

A Meta-Model for Information Systems Quality: A Mixed Study of the Financial Sector

Information Systems Quality (ISQ) is a critical source of competitive advantages for organizations. In a scenario of increasing competition on digital services, ISQ is a competitive differentiation asset. In this regard, managing, maintaining, and evolving IT infrastructures have become a primary concern of organizations. Thus, a technical... (more)

Person-Job Fit: Adapting the Right Talent for the Right Job with Joint Representation Learning

Person-Job Fit is the process of matching the right talent for the right job by identifying talent competencies that are required for the job. While many qualitative efforts have been made in related fields, it still lacks quantitative ways of measuring talent competencies as well as the job’s talent requirements. To this end, in this... (more)


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ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems (TMIS) publishes the highest quality papers about the design, development, assessment, and management of information technology and systems within organizations, businesses, and societies. In addition to traditional management and behavioral MIS research, ACM TMIS strongly encourages submissions of high-quality system and design science research, as well as submissions in emerging MIS multidisciplinary research topics that may span several traditional academic disciplines. ACM TMIS is indexed by Ei Compendex (EI) and Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI).

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System Design Through the Exploration of Contemporary Web Services

Users play an important role during the design phase of complex information systems. In this study, we develop a repository of best-practice designs, which are encoded as metadata of contemporary web services. We examine if this prototype repository, Web Service Crawler, makes the communication between users and analysts more effective. The development of the repository, which serves as a requirements search and exploration engine, was guided by theories from four different research streams and introduces several new design characteristics. Web Service Crawler serves as a dynamic reference model and reduces the cognitive load of the analyst by sharing that load with the user as the pair explores the repository for best-practice designs. It supports an agile approach to system design through rapid selection of appropriate web services. The evaluation results demonstrate that Web Service Crawler is an effective and efficient tool for supporting designers during initial service design, as well as for supporting users and analysts during system design.

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