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ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems (TMIS), Volume 8 Issue 1, May 2017

Mining Resource Profiles from Event Logs
Anastasiia Pika, Michael Leyer, Moe T. Wynn, Colin J. Fidge, Arthur H. M. Ter Hofstede, Wil M. P. Van Der Aalst
Article No.: 1
DOI: 10.1145/3041218

In most business processes, several activities need to be executed by human resources and cannot be fully automated. To evaluate resource performance and identify best practices as well as opportunities for improvement, managers need objective...

Do Health Information Exchanges Deter Repetition of Medical Services?
Saeede Eftekhari, Niam Yaraghi, Ranjit Singh, Ram D. Gopal, R. Ramesh
Article No.: 2
DOI: 10.1145/3057272

Repetition of medical services by providers is one of the major sources of healthcare costs. The lack of access to previous medical information on a patient at the point of care often leads a physician to perform medical procedures that have...

Investigating the Relationships Between the Use Contexts, User Perceived Values, and Loyalty to a Software Product
Adarsh Kumar Kakar
Article No.: 3
DOI: 10.1145/3057271

In this study, we propose that software products provide three types of value—utilitarian, hedonic, and social—that impact user loyalty. Although the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) has focused on the user impacts of utilitarian and...