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A Survey of Link Recommendation for Social Networks: Methods, Theoretical Foundations, and Future Research Directions

Link recommendation has attracted significant attention from both industry practitioners and academic researchers. In industry, link recommendation... (more)

Price Shock Detection With an Influence-Based Model of Social Attention

There has been increasing interest in exploring the impact of human behavior on financial market dynamics. One of the important related questions is... (more)


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ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems (TMIS) publishes the highest quality papers about the design, development, assessment, and management of information technology and systems within organizations, businesses, and societies. In addition to traditional management and behavioral MIS research, ACM TMIS strongly encourages submissions of high-quality system and design science research, as well as submissions in emerging MIS multidisciplinary research topics that may span several traditional academic disciplines. ACM TMIS is indexed by Ei Compendex (EI) and Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI).

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Information Systems for a Smart Electricity Grid: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities

Economic growth, population growth, and the drive for sustainability evidenced by the Paris Accords is forcing a radical re-examination of the way electricity is produced, managed, and consumed. Emerging research on sustainable smart electricity markets is facilitating the emergence of sustainable energy systems and a revolution in the eciency and reliability of electricity consumption, production, and distribution. Traditional electricity grids and markets are being disrupted by a range of forces, including the rise of weather-dependent and geographically distributed supply from renewable sources, consumer involvement in managing their power consumption and small-scale production, and the electrification of transport, evidenced by the emergence of electric vehicles. We expect these transformations to bring about increasingly complex and dynamic smart electricity markets that must rely on intelligent analysis of information to continuously inform stakeholders decisions, and on eective integration of stakeholders actions. We outline how advances in information-intensive processes are fundamental for facilitating these transformations. We describe the roles that such processes will play in the future smart grid and discuss Information Systems research challenges necessary to achieve these goals. The research we discuss spans challenges in public policy, privacy, and security, market mechanisms, and data-driven decision support. Overall, research is necessary to enable information sharing across the grid as well as to develop methods that intelligently exploit rich data to transform the eciency of energy use, production, and distribution. Finally, our commentary underscores that the diverse IS research perspective is instrumental for addressing the complexity and interdisciplinary nature of this research.

Machine Learning for the Developing World

Researchers from across the social and computer sciences are increasingly using machine learning to study and address global development challenges. This paper examines the burgeoning field of machine learning for the developing world (ML4D). First, we present a review of prominent literature. Next, we suggest best practices drawn from the literature for ensuring that ML4D projects are relevant to the advancement of development objectives. Finally, we discuss how developing world challenges can motivate the design of novel machine learning methodologies. This paper provides insights into systematic differences between ML4D and more traditional machine learning applications. It also discusses how technical complications of ML4D can be treated as novel research questions, how ML4D can motivate new research directions, and where machine learning can be most useful.

A Meta Model for Information Systems Quality: a Mixed-Study of the Financial Sector

Software quality concerns in the banking industry are often addressed by professionals but rarely studied academically. This paper aims to get a deep insight about the most perceived concerns by industry experts. We carried out a Mixed-Method study, performing a Delphi-like study about the Italian banking IT sector. According to our pragmatic epistemological paradigm, we developed a specific research framework to pursue this vertical study, that is domain and country specific. Data collection was drawn in four phases starting with a high level randomly stratified panel of 13 senior managers and then a target-panel of 124 carefully selected and well-informed domain experts. We have identified and dealt with 28 concerns about the present situation; they were discussed in the framework inspired by the ISO/IEC 25010, 42010 and 12207 standards. Moreover, they disclose how a short-term total cost of ownership view of information systems increases the technical debt. After having mapped the concerns within the ISO/IEC standards of Software quality, architecture and process, we discussed such dimensions in relationship with the three relevant ISO standards. Our results show the strong relationship between software quality, software architecture and software process. Thus, we induce and illustrate the novel SQuAP (Software Quality, Architecture, Process) Meta-Model framework, to analyze and assess information systems' quality.

A Modeling Language for Conceptual Design of Systems Integration Solutions

Systems integration  connecting software systems for cross-functional work  is a significant concern in many large organizations, which continue to maintain hundreds, if not thousands, of independently evolving software systems. Current approaches in this space remain ad hoc, and closely tied to technology platforms. Following a design science approach, and via multiple design-evaluate cycles, we develop Systems Integration Requirements Engineering Modeling Language (SIRE-ML) to address this problem. SIRE-ML builds on the foundation of coordination theory, and incorporates important semantic information about the systems integration domain. The paper develops constructs in SIRE-ML, and a merge algorithm that allows both functional managers and integration professionals to contribute to building a systems integration solution. Integration models built with SIRE-ML provide benefits such as ensuring coverage and minimizing ambiguity, and can be used to drive implementation with different platforms such as middleware, services and distributed objects. We evaluate SIRE-ML for ontological expressiveness and report findings about applicability check with an expert panel. The paper discusses implications for future research such as tool building and empirical evaluation, as well as implications for practice.

Implementing and Evaluating Serendipity in Delivering Personalized Health Information

Serendipity has been recognized to have the potential of enhancing unexpected information discovery. This study shows that decomposing the concept of serendipity into unexpectedness and interest is a useful way for implementing this concept. Experts domain knowledge helps providing serendipitous recommendation, which can be future improved by adaptively incorporating users real-time feedback. This research also conducts an empirical user-study to analyze the influence of serendipity in a health news delivery context. A personalized filtering system names MedSDFilter was developed, on top of which serendipitous recommendation was implemented using three approaches  random, static knowledge-based, and adaptive knowledge-based models. The three different models were compared. The results indicate that the adaptive knowledge-based method has the highest ability in helping people discover unexpected and interesting contents. The insights of the research will make researchers and practitioners rethink the way in which search engines and recommender systems operate to address the challenges of unexpected and valuable information discovery. The outcome will have implications for empowering ordinary people with more chance of bumping into beneficial information.

The State-of-the-Art in Twitter Sentiment Analysis: A Review and Benchmark Evaluation

Twitter has emerged as a major social media platform and generated great interest from sentiment analysis researchers. Despite this attention, state-of-the-art Twitter sentiment analysis approaches perform relatively poorly with reported classification accuracies often below 70%, adversely impacting applications of the derived sentiment information. In this research, we investigate the unique challenges presented by the Twitter sentiment analysis problem, and review the literature to determine how the devised approaches have addressed these challenges. To assess the state-of-the-art in Twitter sentiment analysis, we conduct a benchmark evaluation of 28 top academic and commercial systems in tweet sentiment classification across five distinctive data sets. We perform an error analysis to uncover the causes of commonly occurring classification errors. To further the evaluation, we apply select systems in an event detection case study. Finally, we summarize the key trends and takeaways from the review and benchmark evaluation, and provide suggestions to guide the design of the next generation of approaches.


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Hsinchun Chen 6
Ram Gopal 4
Paulo Góes 3
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Ram Ramesh 3
Claudio Ciccio 2
Suranjan Chakraborty 2
Alexander Tuzhilin 2
Lan Cao 2
Michael Chau 2
Chengfei Liu 2
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Hyunwoo Park 2
Shamik Sural 2
Arindam Roy 2
David Yen 2
Niam Yaraghi 2
Zan Huang 2
Huaxia Rui 1
Sumit Sarkar 1
Azmat Ullah 1
Madhav Marathe 1
Amal Alhosban 1
Uttam Sarkar 1
Zeynep Yücel 1
Michiko Furutani 1
Alex Edgcomb 1
Matthias Uhl 1
Jason Thatcher 1
Paul Clay 1
Patrick Doreian 1
Jeffrey Jenkins 1
Judee Burgoon 1
James McCart 1
Adarsh Kakar 1
Saeede Eftekhari 1
Ranjit Singh 1
Can Sun 1
Ray Patterson 1
Ryan Zaczynski 1
Michael Mannino 1
Binny Samuel 1
Masaki Samejima 1
Ray Strong 1
Manfred Reichert 1
Tijs Slaats 1
Barbara Weber 1
Marlon Dumas 1
Olivia Sheng 1
Gregory Dawson 1
Thomas Wolf 1
Ivan Jureta 1
John Mylopoulos 1
Md Nekvi 1
RungTai Kao 1
Jing Jiang 1
Wei Wei 1
M Yeo 1
Gang Wang 1
Prachi Singhania 1
Chun Ouyang 1
Jie Jiang 1
Jingjing Zhang 1
Ann Majchrzak 1
Zhiming Ding 1
Avigdor Gal 1
Munindar Singh 1
Søren Debois 1
Chuanren Liu 1
Hui Xiong 1
Zidong Wang 1
Julie Eatock 1
Christine Lisetti 1
Sophia Ananiadou 1
Gerald Kane 1
Fengyang Kuo 1
Debabrata Dey 1
Gang Peng 1
Julia Klier 1
Alex Borgida 1
Neil Ernst 1
Mohammad Masud, 1
Tahseen Al-Khateeb 1
Salah Bouktif 1
Tanmay Bhowmik 1
Arun Majumdar 1
Stephenshaoyi Liao 1
Huaiqing Wang 1
Huib Aldewereld 1
Ma Jian 1
Sherryxiaoyun Sun 1
Arash Akhlaghi 1
Ali Syed 1
Arvind Malhotra 1
Yunqing Xia 1
Noyan Ilk 1
Gordon Davis 1
Jingguo Wang 1
Zhiyuan Chen 1
Jukka Huhtamäki 1
Jinwen Sun 1
Arun Majumdar 1
Rohit Valecha 1
Zenyu Quan 1
Yifei Ma 1
Connie St. Louis 1
Erfan Najmi 1
Brahim Medjahed 1
Agam Gupta 1
Suprateek Sarker 1
Fang Fang 1
Frank Vahid 1
Sanjukta Das 1
D McKnight 1
Clyde Holsapple 1
Zongcyuan Zhang 1
Ling Xue 1
Jian Yang 1
Bora Kolfal 1
Norihisa Komoda 1
Wil Van Der Aalst 1
Philipp Nussbaumer 1
Conrad Tucker 1
Guido Governatori 1
Jan Recker 1
Ingo Weber 1
Qi Liu 1
Meitai Chu 1
Reza Amini 1
Josh Dehlinger 1
Martina Beer 1
Nazim Madhavji 1
FengTse Tsai 1
Houari Sahraoui 1
Faheem Ahmed 1
Lihua Huang 1
Joyce Ho 1
Ling Jiang 1
Jackie Ulmer 1
Wentao Wang 1
Vijayalakshmi Atluri 1
Gang Wang 1
Andrew Partington 1
Jiaqi Yan 1
Doug Vogel 1
William Robinson 1
Xin Li 1
Balaji Padmanabhan 1
Crystal Shi 1
Yuefeng Li 1
Ajay Vinzé 1
Jan Stallaert 1
Neil Rubens 1
Marek Kowalkiewicz 1
Patrick Chau 1
H Rao 1
Khayyam Hashmi 1
Chihfong Tsai 1
Suruchi Deodhar 1
Jiangzhuo Chen 1
Narges Kasiri 1
Ramesh Sankaranarayanan 1
Nargis Pervin 1
Eepeng Lim 1
Yucheng Kao 1
Yutian Sun 1
Atefeh Taghavi 1
Anik Mukherjee 1
Rajiv Krishnamurthy 1
Akhil Kumar 1
Inu Matter 1
Suppawong Tuarob 1
Marcello La Rosa 1
Michael Rosemann 1
Xiwei Xu 1
Cristina Cabanillas 1
Xiao Fang 1
Sally McClean 1
Matthias Jarke 1
Kevin Hamlen 1
Kewei Huang 1
Hasan Cavusoglu 1
Ling Liu 1
Palakorn Achananuparp 1
Eepeng Lim 1
Joydeep Ghosh 1
Raymond Patterson 1
Devipsita Bhattacharya 1
Jiexun Li 1
Thushari Silva 1
Tianjie Deng 1
Fred Niederman 1
Zhongju Zhang 1
Ofer Arazy 1
Hejamadi Rao 1
Gunes Koru 1
Aryya Gangopadhyay 1
Shambhu Upadhyaya 1
Zaki Malik 1
Rumiko Matsuoka 1
Mark Mulder 1
Frederik Marx 1
Robert Winter 1
Jing Zhao 1
Stuart Madnick 1
Yu Fu 1
Bernard Yian Tan 1
Kaisa Still 1
Hao Chen 1
Ramayya Krishnan 1
Debra VanderMeer 1
Donald Berndt 1
Dezon Finch 1
Jun Liu 1
Shuyuan Deng 1
Joseph Cazier 1
Roman Lukyanenko 1
Varghese Jacob 1
Neil Hunt 1
Ageliki Tsioliaridou 1
Pochuan Chien 1
Schahram Dustdar 1
Richard Hull 1
Andreas Solti 1
Matthias Weidlich 1
Jan Brocke 1
Zhepeng(Lionel) Li 1
Ahmed Abbasi 1
Anindya Datta 1
Thomas Meservy 1
Jiming Wu 1
David Zimbra 1
Stephen Luther 1
Yenhsien Lee 1
Chingyi Tu 1
Anastasiia Pika 1
Gabriele Piccoli 1
Yonghua Ji 1
Konstantin Bauman 1
Carson Woo 1
Joel Fredrickson 1
Kutsal Dogan 1
Zhe Shan 1
Thomas Ngo-Ye 1
Chuanju Wang 1
Luciano García-Bañuelos 1
Stefanie Rinderle-Ma 1
Mark Staples 1
Florian Daniel 1
Terry Young 1
David Liebovitz 1
Gilbert Fridgen 1
Kalle Lyytinen 1
MingChih Lin 1
Anthony Lee 1
Jing Peng 1
Zhuolun Li 1
Nan Hu 1
Haodong Yang 1
Erik Rolland 1
Suriadi Suriadi 1
Thorben Keller 1
Elgar Fleisch 1
Daning Hu 1
Shaoyi Liao 1
Ron Kwok 1
Song Wu 1
Vijayalakshmi Atluri 1
Jae Choi 1
Seymour Goodman 1
Norihiro Hagita 1
Jun Liu 1
Michelle Carter 1
David Krackhardt 1
Levent Orman 1
Colin Fidge 1
Arthur Hofstede 1
Gondy Leroy 1
He Zhang 1
Sanjay Mehotra 1
Carl Gunter 1
ChunPo Yin 1
Johnleslie King 1
Carl Simon 1
Latifur Khan 1
Jiawei Han 1
Bhavani Thuraisingham 1
Kuotay Chen 1
Bernard Tan 1
Susanne Schmidt-Rauch 1
Tuananh Hoang 1
Cheng Lee 1
Christopher Yang 1
William Ross 1
Nan Niu 1
Weiguo Fan 1
Jonathan Karnon 1
K Basoglu 1
Robert Briggs 1
Raymond Lau 1
T Raghu 1
Paul Gray 1
Ralph Sprague 1
Nan Xiao 1
Dengpan Liu 1
Wasim Sadiq 1
Yan Lu 1
Biswatosh Saha 1
Michita Imai 1
Kivilcim Dogerlioglu-Demir 1
Andrew Thomas 1
Chenhui Guo 1
Xiaolong Zheng 1
Omar El-Gayar 1
R Sundarraj 1
Timothy Major 1
Robert Louis 1
Carlos Gomez-Uribe 1
Dan Zhu 1
Anca Chandra 1
Hajo Reijers 1
Stefan Schulte 1
Liming Zhu 1
Rajesh Mirani 1
Farnoush Banaei-Kashani 1
Iris Linck 1
Benjamin Shao 1
Suresh Radhakrishnan 1
Christos Liaskos 1
Jiajie Xu 1
Jan Mendling 1
Henrik Leopold 1
Frank Leymann 1
Mathias Weske 1
Rajiv Khosla 1
Anju Harpalani 1
Naphtali Rishe 1
Dongmei Liu 1
Xiaohui Liu 1
Bradley Malin 1
Christopherchuen Yang 1
Richard Watson 1
Ming Fan 1
Christoph Rosenkranz 1
Radhika Jain 1
MaoWei Hung 1
Shuhsing Li 1
Roger Chiang 1
Edward Stohr 1
Xue Bai 1
Massimo Mecella 1
Yang Chen 1
Mark Fuller 1
Yubo Chen 1
Kaiquan Xu 1
Jörg Mayer 1
Hina Arora 1
Arie Croitoru 1
Chelliah Sriskandarajah 1
Martha Russell 1
Hemant Jain 1
Masato Sakata 1
George Mathew 1
Zoran Obradović 1
Sudip Bhattacharjee 1
Shiv Patel 1
Bin Zhang 1
Guoqing Chen 1
T Gill 1
Douglas Derrick 1
Zhu Zhang 1
Jing Peng 1
Robert Lusch 1
Michael Leyer 1
Tszwai Lui 1
Xia Zhao 1
Jianwen Su 1
Mohammad Al-Ramahi 1
Alqurashi Raghda 1
Tuanminh Ha 1
Corentin Burnay 1
Mingfeng Tsai 1
Ugan Yasavur 1
Kannan Mohan 1
Jing Gao 1
Hsinmin Lu 1
Chenkai Ni 1
Harryjiannan Wang 1
Alan Abrahams 1
Frédéric Thiesse 1
Virginia Dignum 1
Yaohua Tan 1
Xitong Guo 1
Gediminas Adomavicius 1
Joseph Valacich 1
Michael Cuenco 1
Salvatore March 1
Weithoo Yue 1
Dan Ke 1
Tarek Abdel-Hamid 1
Derek Nazareth 1
Richard Lai 1
Keith Bisset 1
Patty Kostkova 1
Martin Szomszor 1
Kazuhiko Shinozawa 1
Patriya Tansuhaj 1
Ramesh Sharda 1

Affiliation Paper Counts
Claremont Graduate University 1
University of Regensburg 1
Texas A and M University 1
Stanford University 1
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland 1
Santa Clara University 1
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. 1
Appalachian State University 1
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro 1
Manhattan College 1
United Arab Emirates University 1
University of California, Merced 1
Mississippi State University 1
Academia Sinica Taiwan 1
University of Stuttgart 1
Humboldt University of Berlin 1
University of Science and Technology of China 1
Cornell University 1
National Chiayi University 1
Ohio State University 1
Macquarie University 1
Alabama State University 1
Hasso-Plattner-Institut fur Softwaresystemtechnik GmbH 1
York University Canada 1
University of Manchester 1
Northwest Missouri State University 1
University of Minnesota Twin Cities 1
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1
Youngstown State University 1
RWTH Aachen University 1
Soochow University 1
University of Houston-Clear Lake 1
Ithaca College 1
Oklahoma State University System 1
Politecnico di Milano 1
University of Nebraska at Omaha 1
University of Virginia 1
University of Pennsylvania 1
City University London 1
Ozyegin University 1
Michigan State University 1
Louisiana State University 1
University of Hawaii at Manoa 1
Boston College 1
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1
Auckland University of Technology 1
New York University 1
University of Pittsburgh 1
Stevens Institute of Technology 1
Royal Holloway University of London 1
Technical University of Denmark 1
University of Calgary 1
Pittsburg State University 1
University College London 1
University of Baltimore 1
The Brookings Institution 1
Washington State University Pullman 1
Thompson Rivers University 1
Oregon State University 1
Southern University of Science and Technology 1
University of Electro-Communications 1
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology 1
University of Vienna 1
North Carolina State University 1
University of Rostock 1
Ming Chuan University 1
University of Texas at Arlington 1
University of Cologne 1
University of Roma La Sapienza 1
University of Massachusetts Amherst 1
St. Louis University 1
San Diego State University 1
Tampere University of Technology 1
National Chengchi University 1
IBM Research 1
University of Copenhagen 1
Nanjing University of Science and Technology 1
Democritus University of Thrace 1
KOF Swiss Economic Institute 1
University of Montreal 1
Loyola University Maryland 1
Purdue University 1
Naval Postgraduate School 1
University of Bayreuth 1
Case Western Reserve University 1
University of Michigan 1
University of Michigan-Dearborn 1
University of Southern California 1
Nanjing University 1
Microsoft Corporation 1
Keio University 1
Mahidol University 1
University of Ulm 1
IT University of Copenhagen 1
California State University 1
University of Kentucky 1
University of Ulster 1
University of Saskatchewan 1
Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas 1
Dalton State College 1
The University of Georgia 1
University of Trento 1
University of Wurzburg 1
Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli 1
UNITEC Institute of Technology 1
Washington State University 1
Pacific Lutheran University 1
Sabanci University 1
Brigham Young University 2
University Michigan Ann Arbor 2
University of Adelaide 2
FedEx 2
Tsinghua University 2
IBM Almaden Research Center 2
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 2
Indian Institute of Management Calcutta 2
Iowa State University 2
Swinburne University of Technology 2
Clemson University 2
National Sun Yat-Sen University Taiwan 2
University of Augsburg 2
University of Minnesota System 2
National Taipei University 2
State University of New York College at Oneonta 2
University of California, Riverside 2
Vienna University of Technology 2
University of Washington, Seattle 2
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich 2
University of Tartu 2
Netflix, Inc. 2
Baruch College 2
The University of Western Ontario 2
Facultes Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix 2
University of Wisconsin Eau Claire 2
Tokyo Women's Medical University 2
University of California, Santa Barbara 2
Harbin Institute of Technology 2
Vanderbilt University 2
University of Canberra 2
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras 2
Old Dominion University 2
Osaka University 3
Temple University 3
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 3
VA Medical Center 3
Towson University 3
Wayne State University 3
Carnegie Mellon University 3
University of Utah 3
Dakota State University 3
Rutgers University-Newark Campus 3
Eindhoven University of Technology 3
Northwestern University 3
Leonard N. Stern School of Business 3
Fudan University 3
The University of Hong Kong 3
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 3
Tatung University 4
Delft University of Technology 4
The University of British Columbia 4
La Trobe University 4
Chinese Academy of Sciences 4
University of Maryland, Baltimore County 4
Brunel University London 4
Pennsylvania State University 4
University of Delaware 4
University of Cincinnati 4
Singapore Management University 5
University of St. Gallen 5
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization 5
Stony Brook University 5
Arizona State University 5
Florida International University 5
Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration 5
Drexel University 5
University of Colorado at Denver 5
University of Texas at Austin 6
University of Alberta 6
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur 6
University of South Florida Tampa 6
Georgia State University 7
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee 7
University of Zurich 7
National Taiwan University 8
Virginia Tech 8
Georgia Institute of Technology 9
University of Texas at Dallas 9
Queensland University of Technology 11
City University of Hong Kong 11
National University of Singapore 12
University of Connecticut 15
University at Buffalo, State University of New York 15
University of Arizona 28
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