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ACM TMIS Journal Archive

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Previous Issues: Vol. 5 (2014), Vol. 4 (2013), Vol. 3 (2012),Vol. 2 (2011), Vol. 1 (2010).

The complete journal archive is available through the ACM Portal at Full-text articles may be available to subscribers only. The current issue is followed by a list of previous issues with links to the table of contents and abstracts in the ACM Digital Library.

Forthcoming Issue

Volume 5, Number 4, December 2014

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Current Issue

Volume 5, Number 3, September 2014

Special Issue on Business Process Intelligence in progress; papers available online to date include:

Improving Business Value Assurance in Large-Scale IT Projects—A Quantitative Method Based on Founded Requirements Assessment
~ Gilbert Fridgen, Julia Klier, Martina Beer, and Thomas Wolf

The Requirements Problem for Adaptive Systems
~ Ivan J. Jureta, Alexander Borgida, Neil A. Ernst, and John Mylopoulos

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Volume 5, Number 2, July 2014

Research Commentary

Building the Nation’s Cyber Security Workforce: Contributions from the CAE Colleges and Universities
~ S. E. Goodman

Research Articles

An Interactive, Web-Based High Performance Modeling Environment for Computational Epidemiology
~ Suruchi Deodhar, Keith R. Bisset, Jiangzhuo Chen, Yifei Ma, Madhav V. Marathe

#swineflu: The Use of Twitter as an Early Warning and Risk Communication Tool in the 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic
~ Patty Kostkova, Martin Szomszor, Connie St. Louis

Stock Prediction by Searching for Similarities in Candlestick Charts
~ Chih-Fong Tsai, Zen-Yu Quan

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Volume 5, Number 1, April 2014

Research Articles

Septic Shock Prediction for Patients with Missing Data
~ Joyce C. Ho, Cheng H. Lee, Joydeep Ghosh

Postmarketing Drug Safety Surveillance Using Publicly Available Health-Consumer-Contributed Content in Social Media
~ Christopher C. Yang, Haodong Yang, Ling Jiang

Predicting Stability of Open-Source Software Systems Using Combination of Bayesian Classifiers
~ Salah Bouktif, Houari Sahraoui, Faheem Ahmed

Building Online Trust in a Culture of Confucianism: The Impact of Process Flexibility and Perceived Control
~ Lihua Huang, Sulin Ba, Xianghua Lu

Risk Mitigation Decisions for IT Security
~ M. Lisa Yeo, Erik Rolland, Jackie Rees Ulmer, Raymond A. Patterson

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Volume 4, Number 4, December 2013

Research Articles

Smart Health and Wellbeing [introduction to the special issue]
~ Christopher C. Yang, Gondy Leroy, Sophia Ananiadou

Modeling Throughput of Emergency Departments via Time Series: An Expectation Maximization Algorithm
~ Zidong Wang, Julie Eatock, Sally McClean, Dongmei Liu, Xiaohui Liu, Terry Young

Mining Deviations from Patient Care Pathways via Electronic Medical Record System Audits
~ He Zhang, Sanjay Mehotra, David Liebovitz, Carl A. Gunter, Bradley Malin

Embodying Care in Matilda: An Affective Communication Robot for Emotional Wellbeing of Older People in Australian Residential Care Facilities
~ Rajiv Khosla, Mei-Tai Chu

I Can Help You Change! An Empathic Virtual Agent Delivers Behavior Change Health Interventions
~ Christine Lisetti, Reza Amini, Ugan Yasavur, Naphtali Rishe

Business Benefits or Incentive Maximization? Impacts of the Medicare EHR Incentive Program at Acute Care Hospitals
~ Rajesh Mirani, Anju Harpalani

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Volume 4, Number 3, October 2013

Research Articles

The "Mail-Order-Bride" (MOB) Phenomenon in the Cyberworld: An Interpretive Investigation
~ Suprateek Sarker, Suranjan Chakraborty, Kivilcim Dogerlioglu-Demir, Mark Mulder, and Patriya Tansuhaj

Real Options and System Dynamics for Information Technology Investment Decisions: Application to RFID Adoption in Retail
~ Narges Kasiri and Ramesh Sharda

Distributed Privacy Preserving Decision Support System for Highly Imbalanced Clinical Data
~ George Mathew and Zoran Obradovic

An Inference Engine for Estimating Outside States of Clinical Test Items
~ Zeynep Yucel, Masato Sakata, Kazuhiko Shinozawa, Norihiro Hagita, Michita Imai, Michiko Furutani, and Rumiko Matsuoka

Accurate and Efficient Algorithms that Adapt to Privacy-Enhanced Video for Improved Assistive Monitoring
~ Alex Edgcomb, Frank Vahid

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Volume 4, Number 2, August 2013

Research Articles

A Fitness-Utility Model for Design Science Research
~ T. Grandon Gill and Alan R. Hevner

Does Knowledge Management Matter? The Empirical Evidence from Market-Based Valuation
~ Jiming Wu and Clyde W. Holsapple

Bayesian Inference in Trust Networks
~ Levent V. Orman

A Random Walk Model for Item Recommendation in Social Tagging Systems
~ Zhu Zhang, Daniel D. Zeng, Ahmed Abbasi, Jing Peng, and Xiaolong Zheng

Detecting Deceptive Chat-Based Communication Using Typing Behavior and Message Cues
~ Douglas C. Derrick, Thomas O. Meservy, Jeffrey L. Jenkins, Judee K. Burgoon, Jay F. Nunamaker, Jr.

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Volume 4, Number 1, April 2013

Research Articles

Network Effects in Health Information Exchange Growth
~ Niam Yaraghi, Anna Ye Du, Raj Sharman, Ram D. Gopal, R. Ramesh

A Dispatch-Mediated Communication Model for Emergency Response Systems
~ Rohit Valecha, Raj Sharman, H. Raghav Rao, Shambhu Upadhyaya

The Impact of SOA Implementation on IT-Business Alignment: A System Dynamics Approach
~ Jae Choi, Derek L. Nazareth, Hemant K. Jain

A Systematic Review of Business and Information Technology Alignment
~ Azmat Ullah, Richard Lai

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Volume 3, Number 4, December 2012

Research Commentary

Business Intelligence and Analytics: Research Directions
~ Ee-Peng Lim, Hsinchun Chen, Guoqing Chen

Research Articles

Contrasting Multiple Social Network Autocorrelations for Binary Outcomes, With Applications To Technology Adoption
~ Bin Zhang, Andrew C. Thomas, Patrick Doreian, David Krackhardt, Ramayya Krishnan

Fast, Scalable, and Context-Sensitive Detection of Trending Topics in Microblog Post Streams
~ Nargis Pervin, Fang Fang, Anindya Datta, Kaushik Dutta, Debra Vandermeer

Product Comparison Networks for Competitive Analysis of Online Word-of-Mouth
~ Zhu Zhang, Chenhui Guo, Paulo Goes

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Volume 3, Number 3, October 2012

Research Commentary

Business Intelligence and Analytics Education, and Program Development: A Unique Opportunity for the Information Systems Discipline
~ Roger H. L. Chiang, Paulo Goes, Edward A. Stohr

Research Articles

Who is Retweeting the Tweeters? Modeling, Originating, and Promoting Behaviors in the Twitter Network
~ Palakorn Achananuparp, Ee-Peng Lim, Jing Jiang, Tuan-Anh Hoang

Credit Rating Change Modeling Using News and Financial Ratios
~ Hsin-Min Lu, Feng-Tse Tsai, Hsinchun Chen, Mao-Wei Hung, Shu-Hsing Li

Using a Network Analysis Approach for Organizing Social Bookmarking Tags and Enabling Web Content Discovery
~ Wei Wei, Sudha Ram

Do Vendors' Pricing Decisions Fully Reflect Information in Online Reviews?
~ Nan Hu, Hasan Cavusoglu, Ling Liu, Chenkai Ni

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Volume 3, Number 2, July 2012

Research Commentary

Process Mining: Overview and Opportunities
~ Wil van der Aalst

Research Articles

Optimal Adapter Creation for Process Composition in Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Communication
~ Zhe Shan, Akhil Kumar

Two New Prediction-Driven Approaches to Discrete Choice Prediction
~ Zan Huang, Huimin Zhao, Dan Zhu

Analyzing Online Review Helpfulness Using a Regressional ReliefF-Enhanced Text Mining Method
~ Thomas L. Ngo-Ye, Atish P. Sinha

"Enforced" vs. "Casual" Transparency -- Findings from IT-Supported Financial Advisory Encounters
~ Philipp Nussbaumer, Inu Matter, Gerhard Schwabe

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Volume 3, Number 1, April 2012

Research Commentary

Design science and the accumulation of knowledge in the information systems discipline
~ Fred Niederman, Salvatore T. March

Research Articles

Enhancement of recall within technology-mediated teams through the use of online visual artifacts
~ K. Asli Basoglu, Mark A. Fuller, Joseph S. Valacich

Impact of data characteristics on recommender systems performance
~ Gediminas Adomavicius, Jingjing Zhang

Discovery and diagnosis of behavioral transitions in patient event streams
~ William N. Robinson, Arash Akhlaghi, Tianjie Deng, Ali Raza Syed

Deciphering word-of-mouth in social media: Text-based metrics of consumer reviews
~ Zhu Zhang, Xin Li, Yubo Chen

How virtual teams use their virtual workspace to coordinate knowledge
~ Arvind Malhotra, Ann Majchrzak

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Volume 2, Number 4, December 2011

Research Commentary

Toward a broader vision for Information Systems
~ Jay F. Nunamaker Jr., Robert O. Briggs

Research Articles

From information to operations: Service quality and customer retention
~ Balaji Padmanabhan, Alan Hevner, Michael Cuenco, Crystal Shi

Designing a social-broadcasting-based business intelligence system
~ Huaxia Rui, Andrew Whinston

Decision support for containing pandemic propagation
~ Hina Arora, T. S. Raghu, Ajay Vinze

Live-chat agent assignments to heterogeneous e-customers under imperfect classification
~ Paulo Goes, Noyan Ilk, Wei T. Yue, J. Leon Zhao

Text mining and probabilistic language modeling for online review spam detection
~ Raymond Y. K. Lau, S. Y. Liao, Ron Chi-Wai Kwok, Kaiquan Xu, Yunqing Xia, Yuefeng Li

Six principles for redesigning executive information systems -- Findings of a survey and evaluation of a prototype
~ Frederik Marx, Jorg H. Mayer, Robert Winter

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Volume 2, Number 3, October 2011

Research Commentary

Knowledge management revisited: Old Dogs, New tricks
~ Alexander Tuzhilin

Research Articles

Eliciting a sense of virtual community among knowledge contributors
~ Juliana Sutanto, Atreyi Kankanhalli, Bernard Cheng Yian Tan

Latent subject-centered modeling of collaborative tagging: An application in social search
~ Jing Peng, Daniel D. Zeng, Zan Huang

Cloud-based malware detection for evolving data streams
~ Mohammad M. Masud, Tahseen M. Al-Khateeb, Kevin W. Hamlen, Jing Gao, Latifur Khan, Jiawei Han, Bhavani Thuraisingham

From telesales to tele-advisory in travel agencies: Business problems, generic design goals and requirements
~ Susanne Schmidt-Rauch, Gerhard Schwabe

A multilabel text classification algorithm for labeling risk factors in SEC form 10-K
~ Ke-Wei Huang, Zhuolun Li

Stock price movement prediction using representative prototypes of financial reports
~ Ming-Chih Lin, Anthony J. T. Lee, Rung-Tai Kao, Kuo-Tay Chen

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Volume 2, Issue 2, June 2011

Research Commentary

Analyzing information systems researchers' productivity and impacts: A perspective on the H index
~ Paul Jen-Hwa Hu, Hsinchun Chen

Digital goods and markets: Emerging issues and challenges
~ Sudip Bhattacharjee, Ram D. Gopal, James R. Marsden, Ramesh Sankaranarayanan

Research Articles

Explaining U.S. consumer behavior with news sentiment
~ Matthias W. Uhl

Risk hedging in storage grid markets: Do options add value to forwards?
~ Anna Ye Du, Sanjukta Das, Ram D. Gopal, R. Ramesh

Who does what: Collaboration patterns in the wikipedia and their impact on article quality
~ Jun Liu, Sudha Ram

Trust in a specific technology: An investigation of its components and measures
~ D. Harrison Mcknight, Michelle Carter, Jason Bennett Thatcher, Paul F. Clay

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Volume 2, Issue 1, March 2011


Design Science, Grand Challenges, and Societal Impacts.
~ Hsinchun Chen

Research Articles

Visualizing Web Search Results Using Glyphs: Design and Evaluation of a Flower Metaphor
~ Michael Chau

A Linguistic Analysis of Group Support Systems Interactions for Uncovering Social Realities of Organizations
~ Feng-Yang Kuo, Chun-Po Yin

A Multimethod Study of Information Quality in Wiki Collaboration
~ Gerald Kane

Uncovering and Testing Archetypes of Effective Public Sector CIOs
~ Gregory S. Dawson, Richard T. Watson

Computer Use and Wage Returns: The Complementary Roles of IT-related Human Capital and Nonroutine Tasks
~ Debabrata Dey, Ming Fan, Gang Peng

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Volume 1, Number 1, December 2010 (Inaugural Issue)


Welcome to the First Issue of ACM TMIS
~ Hsinchun Chen

Research Commentary

Ideas for the Future of the IS Field
~ Gordon B. Davis, Paul Gray, Stuart Madnick, Jay F. Nunamaker, Ralph Sprague, and Andrew Whinston

Research Articles

Drivers of Information Security Search Behavior: An Investigation of Network Attacks and Vulnerability Disclosures
~ Jingguo Wang, Nan Xiao, and H. Raghav Rao

Why Give Away Something for Nothing? Investigating Virtual Goods Pricing and Permission Strategies
~ Sulin Ba, Dan Ke, Jan Stallaert, and Zhongju Zhang

Modeling Dynamics in Agile Software Development
~ Lan Cao, Balasubramaniam Ramesh, and Tarek Abdel-Hamid

The Sustainability of Corporate Wikis: A Time-series Analysis of Activity Patterns
~ Ofer Arazy and Arie Croitoru

A Privacy Protection Technique for Publishing Data Mining Models and Research Data
~ Yu Fu, Zhiyuan Chen, Gunes Koru, and Aryya Gangopadhyay

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